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Xena gabrielle nude

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Now, if she could just keep her mind on the road. Girls in sauna naked. Xena tossed the contraption aside. O nce, long ago, in a land of warriors and bards, Gods and Goddess, and enchanted scrolls, lived a warrior named Xena.

She was still attached to Xena, but the warrior was slowly drawing the phalli out of Gabrielle's body. Xena gabrielle nude. Maybe next time they could convince Hercules to join them. I never took orders, I gave them. Xena lightly rubbed the area with her fingers and Gabrielle's body twitched and jerked with mini orgasms. The warrior thing to do was not to fall asleep until everyone else was asleep. Which seemed, in turn, to trigger the blonde head lying on her shoulder and soon those lips were kissing her throat.

Her screams were ripped out of her and the strength of her muscles during orgasm exceeded even Xena's strong grasp and the bard tore her wrists free of their imprisonment.

Gabrielle's body was completely out of her control. They'd already decided at that point to perform for the entire village at the festival, so getting shy now would be a little ridiculous.

Xena's tongue came out to taste Gabrielle's and Gabrielle obliged her lover's desire for more solid contact.

Xena gabrielle nude

She was brought along on a journey that pulled her in its wake. Tammy sue milf. And whoever, whatever, they were, they sure seemed interested in her. There is a certain amount of graphic sex, humor and angst. I didn't care what the Amazons thought of me.

She had often wanted to reach out and touch Gabrielle, but always held back, or else cut the contact short. Then, a particularly intense sensation would run through Gabrielle's body and she would cry out in a breathy gasp of pleasure.

Gabrielle could have been licking the back of her throat and it still wouldn't have been deep enough. If you cum before I tell you to, I'll make you watch me touch myself and then I'll tie you up so you can't find relief for the entire night.

Xena bent her head forward and licked at the moist sweat sprinkled over Gabrielle's skin, while she pinched a nipple at the same moment. It was damn distracting, especially when she made her way up to a sensitive earlobe.

Xena began lapping at the source and Gabrielle's cries matched Xena's strokes. The decision was made for her when the bard nuzzling and sucking her breasts began to play with her clit. This story contains spoilers for "The Quill is Mightier. Then she kneaded the pliant flesh and watched Xena's face for her reactions.

She heard Gabrielle whimper and grinned at the response of her bard. Another moment and she was aware of the Queen herself snuggled against her side. Lesbian relationship advice. Then Xena lay back against the bed and absently licked at her wet fingers with a frown on her face. I know you want to cum, but I want you to hold back until I tell you it's alright.

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Gabrielle felt her muscles stretching to accommodate the diameter of the phallus. Xena rubbed her wrists and the insides of her arms to counteract the prolonged stretched position she'd endured for her pleasure. Young chicago escorts. Xena thrust a little harder and increased her speed.

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Xena rapidly thrust the fingers in and out of her hot pussy. She wanted more and opened her mouth a little wider and pressed harder to bring Xena a little deeper inside. And I think you want the bard and the Mistress. Gabrielle remembered a few hours earlier how she had done something similar to Xena. Xena gabrielle nude. She could feel the moistness of her hot pussy. Breathing faster just wasn't enough anymore. With a flick of her head, Gabrielle tossed her falling hair back over her shoulder and stared into Xena's eyes, as she worked to get Xena further inside her body.

And though none of them were actually the real Gabrielle, something about her likeness running so vulnerably around the countryside was much too disconcerting. Tumblr nude yoga video. Not very effective," Gabrielle quipped as she thought of Xena's reaction to Gabrielle giving any kind of lessons to anyone besides Xena herself. Xena cradled her head in her hands.

She considered moving the wagon back outside of the cave, but it would make an excellent barrier if she were to maneuver it effectively. Xena's left hand pulled Gabrielle down again for another kiss, while her right hand glided over Gabrielle's chest, her ribs, around to her back, and then over a shapely butt cheek to rest on the back of Gabrielle's left thigh.

She moaned at having Xena's tongue in her mouth. Xena's hips rose off the bed and caused Gabrielle's lower body to rise higher along with them. Even the fantasy of Xena tying her up had been a common one recently, after Xena's bout with the Furies' curses. I gave it to you and now it's yours. Had she been the fainting type. Girls eating pussy hd. She also hadn't had enough confidence back then to think she could ever dominate Xena.

Xena rested her hand on the bard's taut stomach and caressed the soft skin she found there. When she came back with the firewood, the bard was naked again and dancing around the cave.

Their bodies reacting to the arousal, as well. Gabrielle's skin made Xena want to reach out and touch it, so she did. More you may like. Of course she remembered.

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