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The rescuers naked woman

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It's been a point of debate for quite a while. An image of a naked woman appears in the background as Bianca and Bernard speed by, resulting in your mom never allowing you to watch the movie again.

After three successful theatrical releases of the original film, The Rescuers Down Under was released theatrically on November 16, Too many questions makes it feel like a job interview. Sensual lesbian clips. Couldn't be real, why did no one else report the same thing.

In other words, the R-rated footage has been there ever since the Bob Newhart- and Eva Gabor-voiced film about a group of heroic mice trying to rescue a kidnapped girl was released in theaters inand rereleased in '83 and ' Disney theatrical animated features. The rescuers naked woman. Jen Juneau May 11, 8: And the weird thing is they weren't in the previous VHS release. I gotta see this. Apparently, someone tampered with the video before it hit the market. Snoops are currently at the Devil's Bayou with Penny, whom they have indeed kidnapped and placed under the guard of two trained alligatorsBrutus and Nero.

InDisney Studios recalled the home video version of The Rescuers because it contained a nude shot of a woman. Medusa unsuccessfully pursues them, using Brutus and Nero as water-skis, and is left clinging to the boat's smoke stacks as Snoops escapes on a raft and laughs at Medusa, while the irritated Brutus and Nero turn on her and circle below.

Olive branch Press an imprint of Interlink publishing group. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. English nude pussy. The other nice thing was getting to wear a netflix. This woman appears in two non-consecutive frames and you have to know exactly where she is time wise to spot her. Why did France crumble at Germany's feet so easily? Appearances can be deceiving, but reportedly not in this case.

WHY is that thumbnail there?!? And people are just seeing what they want to see. It can be seen on old versions of the movie about a half hour in, when Bernard and Bianca take their maiden voyage on Orville the albatross.

The rescuers naked woman

When you see him in other parts of the scene his knees are sticking out. Adolf fucking Hitler was in this fuckers movie. The Rescuers Down Under. Pops the tape out, strolls back to his seat, and just laughs. There is absolutely zero chance that the person who created those letters did not know that it looked like the word sex.

Retrieved May 11, Like clouds in the background might form the image. Own this VHS and there is clearly whispering, but all that's actually audible is 'take off and.

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But nobody asked us," added Sito. Polish milf fuck. The three soon find the Devil's Eye within a pirate skull. And it appears this is one of them as well. Never bought one just looked. Ya'll got anymore of them pixels? Though Sito didn't confirm the scandalous scene, he explained that adding inside jokes into older films wasn't considered a big deal.

Any sources blog, article, press release, video, etc. The rescuers naked woman. JK Cinema's Urban Legends?

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Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest scoop right to your inbox. One of my old friends spent so much time showing videos of "Actual Gnomes" trying to convince me gnomes are real. Most amazing lakes on Earth Weird. Swan lake nude ballet. According to the Disney statement, the company's recall was done to "keep its promise to families that they can trust and rely on the Disney brand to provide the finest in family entertainment. This content is available customized for our international audience.

The two visit Morningside Orphanage, where Penny lived, and meet an old cat named Rufus. On January 10,two days after the recall was announced, the London press site The Independent reported:. A Disney spokeswoman said that the images in The Rescuers were placed in the film during production, but she declined to say what they were or who placed them I used to love those. Giggles in your Inbox Subscribe to our daily newsletter and get the latest updates on fashion, beauty, style, and more.

It was just a silly prank the animators did for the lolz, they did the same thing 10 years later in The Brave Little Toaster, only there she was drawn, not a photo. After a cartoon car crash in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," Jessica Rabbit is thrown from the vehicle and it appears that her "nether regions" are exposed.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Aw yes, I've done that too. It is about to ruin our childhoods now! Internet is full of trolls! Want to add to the discussion? Retrieved May 11, These kind of things are passed through a fine-toothed comb. I'm an illustrator and hobbyist animator, and there are times when I change my composition or design because I notice a line or plane may look confusing.

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As they developed the comedic potential of displaying his exhaustion through buzzing, the dragonfly grew from an incidental into a major character. And it appears this is one of them as well. I'm an illustrator and hobbyist animator, and there are times when I change my composition or design because I notice a line or plane may look confusing.

Snoops send Penny down into the cave to find the gem. Girls with muscle naked. I had a buddy all through highschool that would bring up anytime time we talked about some of these quirks in Disney films his copy of Peter Pan. This delayed the Fox and the Hound a full year. Retrieved June 25, I sometimes think about going back to look find my old forum posts. Hollywood celebrities nude sex videos Was slavery a choice? Archive Photos via Getty Images. This takes me back to the mid s where I watched a bunch of videos and read some websites about Disney's subliminal messages.

It's been 20 years. Along with Over 30 Other Disney Flicks ". The rescuers naked woman. Kate winslet titanic nude video. Most amazing lakes on Earth Weird.

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