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Archived from the original on June 1, You don't have to deny it.

Venom Snake continued to possess his unwavering loyalty to Big Boss, continuing his role as Big Boss even after being told the truth. Anjelica huston nude. You care nothing for power, or money, or even sex. Afterwards, he supplied the user with a second wallpaper, before stating that he has to depart, feeling his place was at a place for soldiers like himself. Last edited by Lesser Dog ; 4 Nov, 6: Iroquois--PliskinSep 14, Would you do me a favor and tell the suits about visiting hours?

The person that they chose as the model was the man known then as the greatest living soldier in the world All of us Resistance fighters This topic is locked from further discussion. Naked snake vs solid snake. Probably couldn't resist getting his hands on a soldier of Big Boss's caliber.

Sep 10, Messages: Snake, yesterday we received official communication from the IAEA. Mar 11, 8. In time, they would come to be known as the founders of "Outer Heaven. Big Boss first sent in Gray Fox.

Although really she just threw him, they never thought, and the idea that any "peak human" like Boss or Big Boss defeating Volgin is ridiculous.

Sniper Wolf referred to Big Boss as Saladin, [55] in reference to the prominent figure in Kurdish culturewho led the Muslim opposition against the Christian Crusaders in the Levant. Cum inside hairy pussy. Even I make mistakes from time to time. He later carried Chico all the way back to the chopper, due to his ankles being pierced with a nut and bolt.

Th-that is how you view France?! They called her The Boss. Although Big Boss found out that EVA lied about her origins and objectives, he did eventually forgive her. Come on no excuses. Concerning Zero's location, Ocelot said there were no leads, and they were not even sure if Zero was still alive, but the protocol he put into place was still progressing.

Big Boss managed to contact Para-Medicwho told him that both he and Major Zero had been charged with treason by the Pentagon, believing them the masterminds behind the revolt. That's not to say Snake won't make another appearance: Ground Zeros was my first MGS game, and granted I did read up about the game plenty before starting MGSV, I wouldn't be surprised about people picking up the game without knowing anything prior because of how popular it has gotten. Para-Medic said that, while there was a risk of her losing her medical license, she said that she didn't care and was not worried as she believed in Big Boss.

According to Hideo Kojima 's commentary on Metal Gear Solid 3this was done as a response to Solid Snake throwing away a cigarette into the Hudson Bay during the Tanker chapter in Metal Gear Solid 2of which a lot of angry reactions were made to it.

Hoping to clear his name, Snake forms his own team of specialists by recruiting both old allies and defecting enemy soldiers to his cause, one of whom happens to be Roy Campbell.

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Boss likely just had a strong heart, like a lot of other people, which is the reason why he lasted as long as he did during the attack.

LOL i dont know why but i didnt catch that the first time i read it I feel my argument is stronger as I pointed out, you are basically just saying I don't think so and moving on, again this is shown in the game play as well when time slows down you can shoot as many enemies in the head as you can see before they can react, I know you are familiar with the game but I am posting this for anyone who hasn't seen it, the only point of this is to show Big Bosses superior reflexes in my opinion.

But besides that point, we don't know how a master of CQC would fair against a master of any other martial art. Ethiopian pussy girl. Sado22 you're talking about the loser who lost to the biggeset queer in vg history? XK-BMar 11, This is actually a true statement. Got beat up by Boss Didnt he. If Solid Snake doesn't require Big Bosses genetic material to do these amazing things, it invalidates the Les Enfants Terribles project, which Kojima obviously didn't think so, it also means you are saying that Naomi doesn't know what she is talking about when it comes to Big Boss's genetic legacy, so what do you think is more likely?

Sure, old snake is also one of the most badass dudes in video games but I liked young snake more. I can't count how many times people forget Kojima's message. He's intelligent, he can sneak by undetected, when necessary, and he can take an enemy head on when necessary. Retrieved July 5, Now it's been a long time since I played through GZ but I'm sure that just because a scene transitions to slow motion, it doesn't necessarily mean to display what the character is perceiving unless he acts on it.

Khrushchev demanded that the U. Naked snake vs solid snake. Retrieved July 18, Volgin had no say in whether he was woken up, Psycho Mantis' powers awakened him because he felt the intensity of revenge Volgin desired. Those words don't necessarily make the matter true. Flat chested nude pictures. Make sure this is what you intended.

And you were the assassin, Snake. Is Solid Snake the best soldier ever simply because he was conditioned to be that? His mustache is glorious!

FOXDIE's activation is a lot more complex than just triggering a heart attack, even though the symptoms mirror that of a heart attack. Not because CQC is better. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

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JacobBrodersen Follow Forum Posts: Sep 11, I think it's safe to assume some basic biology isn't lost to the games. HeLlHaWk91Apr 1, Even if it becomes Metal Gear Solid 5 and 6.

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Those are your words. As a result, his body cells were harvested for a cloning attempt. Indian women lesbian videos. Last edited by uzernaem ; 4 Nov, 7: The cornea and lens of Big Boss's right eye was damaged, and the eyeball itself ruptured, due to the muzzle burn from Major Ocelot's revolver in Operation Snake Eater. Kojima also put Snake, a peak human, against Gray Fox, a superhuman ninja, in a H2H fight and had Snake win, I don't trust his judgment on these kinda things. Nude nasty pics Ocelot explained that the project was abandoned inand he was worried about what happened to Big Boss and his sons.

Ocelot said that Venom Snake would want this. Big Boss did not die when you think he died. Naked snake vs solid snake. Zero had been attacked, but Ocelot said that while the details were not completely clear, a biological weapon was used. The title of "Big Boss" was awarded to Snake following Operation Snake Eater, being regarded as "above even The Boss" after his defeat of the former legendary soldier. He was not "Loyal to the end", like boss or Solid Snake.

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